The Writers’ Blog Hop

Have you ever kept a journal or diary? Authored a story or a book? Or blogged?

A writer friend, Roberta, invited me to participate in a fiction writers’ blog hop. She sent a list of questions to answer about a book I’m writing. To keep the blog hop hopping, I’m to introduce several other fiction authors.

It sounded like fun, so here goes…by the way, meet Roberta’s character and her books at

And now…. the blog sphere meets my newest character, a Superhero Granny.


WHEN AND WHERE IS THE STORY SET?     This present-day story takes place in the small country town of Cornfield Junction. While sewing superhero capes for her grandchildren, widow Steelie Grey decides to break out of her pity-me mindset and become a Superhero Granny.

How? By accomplishing a spectacular feat that counts for eternity. But the best of plans and intentions often go awry, and Steelie’s are no exception.

Every superhero need a sidekick, so… Steelie persuades her neighbor and best friend, Algie McAllister into joining her superhero adventure.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT HER?     A 66 year-old retiree, Steelie is past caring what people think of her…well, at least some of the time. To seal their commitment to the Superhero Granny caper, she and Algie decide to get purple highlights in their short, gray hair, at least that was the original plan, but…

To practice bravery, Steelie tries to master driving her late husband’s restored 1950 Ford F1 pickup truck, complete with three-on-the-tree-standard shift and all the old gadgets. Algie displays her own bravery by riding in the truck while Steelie drives.

WHAT IS THE MAIN CONFLICT?     Steelie has a difficult time finding her spectacular feat that counts for all eternity, and discovers it’s even harder to accomplish once found. But could Superhero Granny be on the wrong track?

WHAT IS THE PERSONAL GOAL OF THE CHARACTER?     Steelie wants to get out of her self-pity slump and prove a widowed senior citizen still has value. She needs to demonstrate this to herself more than to anyone else.


WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THE BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED?     If all goes well, the end of 2015

AND NOW to continue the blog hop I nominate:


Writing at the Crossroads of Love and Grace

Latest release Saving Felicity (Heartsong) and Colorado Melodies (Barbour)



Before Dawn Breaks



                        EDNA CRAVITZ

Writing a delightful tween novel yet to be titled



About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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One Response to The Writers’ Blog Hop

  1. Karis says:

    Loved reading this….can’t wait for the book. So proud of you!!!

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