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Don’t Be Fooled By That Innocent Face

Such a harmless-looking cat, but Cuddlebug quickly turned a quiet evening into an uproar. But then he’s never lacked talent for the unusual. Hubby and I had returned home late in the evening. Needing to get up early the next … Continue reading

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I’m sitting at the window, Singing the kitty winter blues. Snow’s coverin’ the driveway, And all the grass, too. Meow, meow!  The wind’s blowin’ and a howlin’, Outside I won’t tread.  More snow’s comin’ tomorrow, My people have said. Meow, meow! … Continue reading

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Not Now!

It never happens at a convenient time. It never even happens at a somewhat convenient time. But to refuse…well, that’s usually not a good thing. Our Sunday afternoon get-together had ended. Although Hubby and I had greatly enjoyed the gathering … Continue reading

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Cuddlebug’s Monster Camp Weekend

Hi! It’s me, Cuddlebug. I had a purrrrfectly delightful weekend, although it started out rather scary. Identical Boys arrived Friday night. These are the ones that call my people Grammy and Grandpa—strange monikers for Lady People and Man People. Identical … Continue reading

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