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Follow the What?

Follow the yellow brick road, oh, follow the yellow—wait! Stop! Step off the yellow brick road. It’s time to follow your box. Huh? What box? Your Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Ahhh, what’s that? It’s a shoebox filled with small toys, … Continue reading

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Encounters of the Baffling Kind

No, we’re not being invaded by space aliens. It’s a picture of a corn harvester in the field in front of our house — after dark. I tried taking nighttime pictures with my little point-and-shoot camera. Obviously it didn’t work. But … Continue reading

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Double or Nothing

Hubby and I have identical twin grandsons. Because they look alike, it’s easy to see them as a unit instead of two unique individuals. Last weekend one, and only one, of the boys stayed with us.  A bit of a … Continue reading

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Ahh, Shucks!

Authors are told to ‘write what you know’. But sometimes what we know is a bit out-of-the-box. For example, at our house we don’t rake leaves, we rake shucks. Let me explain. Hubby and I live in the corner section … Continue reading

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