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New Driver

Our oldest grandson’s sixteenth birthday and newly acquired learners permit brought to mind some of my own driving experiences as a sixteen year old. One of my earliest times driving on snow-covered roads, I came to a stop sign, slowed, … Continue reading

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The Sunset Years

I’m still the “me” of childhood, although Hubby and I are entering the sunset years. Yes, our hair is gray and our bodies tire a bit quicker these days, but who we are on the inside still feels like the child … Continue reading

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The Vacation

Sunday afternoon our family arrived on the Outer Banks, Corolla area, while Hurricane Joaquin swirled far off shore. Curious to see what a stormy sea looked like, we headed for the ocean. We climbed to the top of a beach access stairway and looked out. No sandy … Continue reading

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Camp Grammy-Grandpa

Our nine-year old twin grandsons came for a week-long visit. The boys live several hours away so Hubby and I wanted to make this an extra-fun vacation for them. The week is now past, but our memories live on… http://www.countrygrandmother.wordpress.com

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Tick-Tock Goes the Clock…Maybe

One can never have enough clocks in the house. And the amount of enjoyment a clock gives has no relation to its ability to actually keep time. Several weeks ago we were given a mantle clock that originally belonged to … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled By That Innocent Face

Such a harmless-looking cat, but Cuddlebug quickly turned a quiet evening into an uproar. But then he’s never lacked talent for the unusual. Hubby and I had returned home late in the evening. Needing to get up early the next … Continue reading

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Not Now!

It never happens at a convenient time. It never even happens at a somewhat convenient time. But to refuse…well, that’s usually not a good thing. Our Sunday afternoon get-together had ended. Although Hubby and I had greatly enjoyed the gathering … Continue reading

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