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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Some things never change. Decades ago Art Linkletter penned the book, Kids Say the Darndest Things, using quips from the children on his show, Art Linkletter’s House Party. And kids today still say the darndest things, as several tykes recently … Continue reading

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First Hike of the Season

I have discovered that walking country roads and riding a stationary bike during winter months does not keep me in shape for hikes across mountain trails. Especially when carrying 20+ pounds in a day pack. We started at Hairy John State Park … Continue reading

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A Lost Friend, Found

The question came during a writers’ conference workshop. “What was your favorite book when a child?” Warm thoughts from long ago rushed into my mind. I answered, “Tommy Little.” A puzzled look crossed the instructor’s face. She had never heard … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Ponderings

Low gray clouds in winter usually means snow, or at least a few stray snowflakes floating by. But today’s clouds only brought rain and warmer temperatures. There’s something about a dreary rainy day that makes me contemplative. Perhaps it’s the … Continue reading

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Homemade Love

Our friend, Maureen, came visiting one Christmas and brought along a fairly large package wrapped in Christmas paper. The brightly wrapped box quickly caught the attention of our 3 year-old daughter and 17 month-old son.  They giggled and tore off … Continue reading

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Swift Run Trail

My first venture into backpacking began last Friday with a day hike on Swift Run, a trail that goes to the mountain top and then circles back down. Our hike began at a gravel parking lot along the run. Nearby, … Continue reading

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Not Now!

It never happens at a convenient time. It never even happens at a somewhat convenient time. But to refuse…well, that’s usually not a good thing. Our Sunday afternoon get-together had ended. Although Hubby and I had greatly enjoyed the gathering … Continue reading

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