The Unexpected

I spied it at a garage sale as Hubby and I drove to the bank. Although not quite what I was looking for, it would work – after a face-lift.

Hubby NEVER stops, or even slows, when passing a garage sale. But this one happened to be within walking distance of our bank, albeit along a major two-lane road. Hubby parked the car and headed into the bank. I trotted off down the road.

In a few minutes I stood in front of the white, three-shelf changing table. It seemed solid and plenty sturdy to use as a plant-potting table. I bought it.

The changing table didn’t weigh much, only awkward to carry – until I flipped it upside down and carried it on top of my head. More than a few stares and odd looks came my way while walking to the bank. But at my age, who cares!

IMG_3316Now for the face-lift.

First, it received a soapy scrub-down and hose-off.

Then I spray-painted it a bright, bold red. Next came waterproof liners for each shelf.

IMG_3348It looked bright, but boring. A piece of leftover border print, sprayed with outdoor varnish, added the perfect touch.

After months of wanting one, I finally had a potting table, although through a process much different than expected.

That started me thinking.

At times, life hands us the unexpected – usually something not wanted, planned, or easy. Yet it’s our choice on how to handle it.

We can moan, groan, and complain. Or we can use it to develop our character and deepen our understanding of life. By working through the unexpected with a positive mindset, we’re then able to walk alongside and encourage someone else experiencing the same or similar difficulty.

However, sometimes the unexpected is welcomed and enjoyed. Like finding a potting table and the lesson it taught.


About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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