Life’s Cloudy Days

IMG_2854It started during the night with a scratchy feeling in the throat. But I needed to leave that morning for a five-day stay with the grandsons while our son and daughter-in-law traveled out-of-town. Getting sick was not an option.

For the next few days the scratchy throat came during the night but disappeared by morning. That is until the day I arrived back home and my body knew it could now crash. And crash it did.

My head felt like a heavy, hurting blob. Thinking turned into muddled thoughts, and moving from the bedroom to the living room couch counted as exercise for the day. Standing up made me dizzy. Yep, one of those horrible head colds had invaded my personal space.

Until then, I had forgotten how great it felt not to be ill. But, how grateful had I been for the months and months of good health before the head cold? That got me to wondering, how many blessings do I take for granted every day simply because they are an everyday thing?

I journal most days. Each entry now begins with a Thankful For, listing three things. It’s surprising how much there is to be grateful for. And how easy it is to take these for granted.

My head cold is on the mend. But its lesson on gratitude is here to stay.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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2 Responses to Life’s Cloudy Days

  1. Isn’t that just the way we are? We aren’t thankful for things God gives us until we realize we might lose them or have lost them. Good post, Kathy. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful!

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