Rainy Day Ponderings

IMG_2823Low gray clouds in winter usually means snow, or at least a few stray snowflakes floating by. But today’s clouds only brought rain and warmer temperatures.

There’s something about a dreary rainy day that makes me contemplative. Perhaps it’s the falling barometric pressure or simply the sluggish feeling rain brings that makes today another “think day”. Thoughts swirl like a kaleidoscope of colors spinning about.

Today’s thoughts whirled around my aloe plant. Months ago a friend had given me an offshoot of hers. With confidence, she guaranteed that once re-potted and ignored, except for an occasional watering, the plant would thrive. And she was correct. I now have five little aloes growing beside the now-large original offshoot.

My friend assured me that by early April the new offshoots will be ready to transplant and give away. The aloe truly is a sharing plant that requires very little work. Hmm…more thoughts came to mind…sharing…that’s a lot like giving…little effort needed…hmm….

It requires very little to give away a smile at someone passing by, or to hold open a door for a mother pushing a cart loaded with groceries and young children, or for an elderly person using a walker, or simply for the person entering a building behind you.

Texts and e-mails cost little or nothing. Neither does sending a friend an encouraging message, or texting a family member that you love them, or using an old-fashion method of communication and simply telling a co-worker that he/she is doing a great job.

And a “thank you” is always appreciated whether written, stated, texted, or e-mailed.

Today the rain and a sharing plant collided in a thoughtful way. Now to put that pondering into practice….


About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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2 Responses to Rainy Day Ponderings

  1. Carolyn Knepper says:

    Great food for thought :>). Thanks Kathie!!

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