Part 4 – The Nativity, Sort Of

Many of us have heard the Nativity Story over and over again, to where we’ve lost the awe and wonder, along with the emotional roller coaster, of those who witnessed the miraculous birth. This fictionalized account is set in a modern setting to help us rediscover the dynamics of the actual, historical event.

Joe shivered. “It’s getting colder outside. I’m glad you packed all those extra blankets for us.” He slipped on a sweatshirt and draped his jacket over Mary’s shoulders as she nursed Jesus and then changed his diaper. “Will our little guy be warm enough?

Mary nodded. “He’s wearing a little undershirt and socks under the fleece sleeper, and he’s wrapped in baby blankets.” She stroked the baby’s face. “Now that Jesus is warm, dry and full, he‘ll fall asleep.”

The chilly night air seeped through the tent walls. Joe and Mary snuggled under the extra blankets Mary had packed. Jesus lay between them, tucked under Mary’s arm.

Before long Joe heard Mary’s even breathing. I’m tired but she must. be exhausted. He had almost nodded off when the roar of engines came toward their tent.

Mary grabbed his arm. “What is that?”

“Perhaps others are planning to set up camp next to us. I’ll go check.” Joe eased himself out from under the covers and went outside.

Four motorcycles rumbled in and parked close to the tent. The riders climbed off the bikes and stood looking at Joe. One of the men removed his helmet and headed toward him. “Are you here with your wife? Did she give birth to a baby boy tonight?”

Fear shot through Joe. He stood perfectly still and said nothing.

The man kept talking. “Please don’t think us crazy, but me and my friends are camping across town. Earlier this evening, hundreds of angels appeared in the sky and sang to us. One of the angels told us that God’s son was born tonight, and that we’d find him here, in a tent, wrapped in white blankets.”

Joe’s fear turned into shock. “You saw angels?”

The man nodded as he glanced around. “No one else is camping out here tonight. The baby has to be  in your tent. Can we see him? We’re not here to hurt you or your family. Since God sent his angels to us, we knew it was important for us to come and worship the child.”

Joe shook himself to respond. “Let…let me ask my wife. The baby is sleeping.”

At that moment, Mary came out of the tent carrying Jesus in the bundle of white blankets. “I heard what you said. This little one is the baby you’re looking for, God’s son.”

“I’m Micah.” He motioned for the others to come. “This is Ezra, Zeke and Amos.”

The four men crowded around Mary as she lifted a corner of the blankets, revealing the baby’s face. They gazed at the sleeping child, then fell to their knees in worship.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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