Sugar Snow

IMG_0620It snowed several inches…again…and this time on the first day of Spring.

As I looked out the window and watched the snowflakes piling up, it reminded me of a story in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Little House in the Big Woods.

On that day long ago, signs of Spring were all around, until hidden by a late snowfall. Laura’s pa called this a sugar snow. Why? Because the short cold spell held back the leafing of the trees and made the sap run longer.

Since Laura’s grandpa collected sap from sugar maple trees, this meant a bountiful supply of maple sugar and maple syrup that year.

Hmmm… it might be fun to collect maple sap and turn it into maple treats.

I surveyed the bare trees standing in our hedge row. We have maple trees but I don’t know if any are sugar maples—will have to find out.  I’m also curious to find out if collecting maple sap harms or weakens the tree.

Perhaps in the coming years, I too will look upon a sugar snow as a sweet and tasty blessing rather than another setback to the arrival of Spring.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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2 Responses to Sugar Snow

  1. kellyfbarr says:

    Nice post, Kathie. The picture is helpful in your reminiscence of Little House in the Big Woods. Yes, maple syrup and other maple sugar treats are yummy.

    • I asked my husband if he thought any of our trees were sugar maples but he wasn’t sure. Have you ever boiled down the maple sap and made sweet treats? It sounds like a fun thing to try at least once.

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