Don’t Be Fooled By That Innocent Face

Such IMG_1045a harmless-looking cat, but Cuddlebug quickly turned a quiet evening into an uproar. But then he’s never lacked talent for the unusual.

Hubby and I had returned home late in the evening. Needing to get up early the next morning, Hubby headed to bed. Before long I heard him snoring his way into dreamland.

Meanwhile, I plopped onto the living room recliner to watch a DVD. The TV cast a cozy glow into an otherwise dark room.

Cuddlebug paced around then decided he wanted outside. I knew he wouldn’t stay out very long in the single digit temperature.

Sure enough, a short time later I heard him on the front porch. I had barely cracked open the door crack when he scooted inside. But even in the dark room I could see a shadowy something in his mouth, a BIG something.

I tried to grab Cuddlebug and throw him back outside. But before I could get him, the big something escaped from his mouth and took off.

It was still alive.

I screamed for Hubby.

In the dim light from the TV, I could make out some unknown creature zooming through the room, with the cat close behind—both making quite a ruckus.

I ran to flip on a light switch. A flurry of flapping wings zipped around the living room leaving a trail of feathers scattered across floor.

I kept screaming for Hubby.

Finally Cuddlebug crouched along the wall and quit chasing the panicked creature. Apparently the bird realized the cat no longer pursued it, and landed on the floor.

I kept screaming for Hubby.

The bird, a dove about half as big as Cuddlebug, didn’t move.  This gave me a chance to capture the creature, but how? Then I remembered a large box, filled with recycle paper, sitting by the back door. I ran to get it. After dumping the paper onto the floor, I raced back to the living room with the empty box.

Neither cat nor bird had moved. I slowly walked to the dove and gently lowered the box over the terrified creature.  Although the overturned box kept the bird from flying around, the dove still crouched directly on the hardwood floor. How could I get the creature out of our house?

I kept screaming for Hubby.

Finally Hubby padded down the stairs and into the living room. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Huh? I’m standing in a room littered with feathers, not exactly normal for our home, and Hubby’s asking what’s wrong! Biting my tongue, I pointed to the box. “A bird’s under there.”

Hubby thought for a moment, then headed to his basement workshop and returned with a thin square of plywood. He placed the plywood on the floor and slowly inched the box onto it. The bird shuffled along inside the box onto the wood.

Together Hubby and I carried the box-covered plywood outside and freed the bird.

Now to vacuum up the mess. Fortunately the dove only shed feathers and hadn’t turned our living room into an avian outhouse.

Sometime during the commotion Cuddlebug disappeared and didn’t reappear until much later that evening. Innocent cat? No way!

From now on, Cuddlebug isn’t allowed inside until we see if he’s bringing anything with him.













About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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6 Responses to Don’t Be Fooled By That Innocent Face

  1. suemidd48 says:

    Oh Cuddlebug! This too funny. Mainly because it didn’t happen to me. 🙂

  2. Kathie! I just got your really, really cute card in the mail. Thanks so much for your support while I tackle this difficult job. I have practically the whole schedule done EXCEPT I’m still waiting to hear from two publishers to see if they’ll send editors. Thanks to all the prayers from you writer friends, this schedule has fallen together quite nicely. Again, thanks for the card. I think it will find a permanent place on my FAVORITE THINGS wall in my office. 🙂 Marsha

    Marsha Hubler Author of the Best-selling Keystone Stables Series The Loves of Snyder County Series

  3. Kathie, what a scary event! Thank the Lord puddy tat didn’t bring in a big rat!

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