Cuddlebug’s Monster Camp Weekend

IMG_1029Hi! It’s me, Cuddlebug. I had a purrrrfectly delightful weekend, although it started out rather scary.

Identical Boys arrived Friday night. These are the ones that call my people Grammy and Grandpa—strange monikers for Lady People and Man People.

Identical Boys kept talking about this being Monster Camp Weekend. A chill ran through me. Monsters in my house?

I scooted into the living room and peeked under the couch and chairs. No monsters hiding there. Then I raced up the stairs to the bedrooms and looked under the beds. Zero monsters. I sniffed the air. Nothing smelled stinky, like a monster would.

I trotted back downstairs on high alert. I saw Lady People place several large circles of cloth on our big table, along with quite a few smaller pieces shaped like circles, triangles, and squares. Identical Boys ran over to her.

Lady People pointed to the pieces of cloth. “Boys, here’s everything you need to make a monster pillow. Use the little pieces to make the face on either a large orange or green circle.”

Make monsters? Then they weren’t real. Whew! What a relief.

I jumped up on a nearby chair and watched Identical Boys position little cloth pieces on their big circles.

After Identical Boys finished designing their monster faces, Man People took them upstairs. I heard water running. Bath time. Ugg! Why my people like to climb into tubs of water every day is beyond me.

IMG_1027After the boys went to bed, Lady People sat at something she calls a sewing machine and put the pillows together. I sneaked closer to watch. Identical Boys’ pillows looked like funny monsters.

The next day Identical Boys colored monster masks, drew monster pictures, and made wooden monster cut-outs. Before long, all kinds of monster stuff sat around our downstairs.

Of all the monster stuff that Identical Boys made, I liked the gingerbread house best. But my people didn’t let me sit on the table while Identical Boys decorated the house. I had to watch from the floor–at  times we cats get no respect.

IMG_1012Lady People held a bag of black icing. Man People had the bag of green icing. Identical Boys each had a dish of colored candies beside them. They told my people where and what shape to ooze onto the house, then Identical Boys pushed their candies into the soft icing.

The house did look monster-ish when done.

But the best part of Monster Camp happened every time Identical Boys played with me. They dangled my mice and strings for me to bat and chase. Even better, they petted my fur and rubbed under my chin, giving me a relaxing kitty massage.

Too soon Sunday came and Identical Boys went back home, along with their monsters.  I can’t wait until Identical Boys come again.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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