Cuddlebug’s Disappearing Lady People


Hi! It’s me, Cuddlebug. Some folks think us cats live a carefree life, but that notion’s just a pile of kitty litter. We have our stressful days, too.

One of those times happened the other weekend when Lady People disappeared from my house for a few days.

She’s the one who hears my meows in the middle of the night and gets out of bed to let me outside. She scolds then plays with me when I jump onto the kitchen island to get her attention. And she lets me snuggle on her lap for a quick nap

Lady People is wonderful.

Man People, well…let’s just say that he’s been difficult to train. In fact, he actually ignores me at times. Unbelievable!

Now back to my story. I heard Lady People talking into that flat, black box she calls a bell, cell, or something like that. From what I could understand, someone called Twin Grandsons needed watching.

The next day Lady People gathered up some things and zipped them into a blue container that had tiny wheels and a handle. She carried that and a few other things into the garage. I heard car doors open and shut. Then Lady People came back into the house, petted me a few times, filled my water bowl and went back into the garage. I heard the car drive away.

When nighttime rolled around, Lady People still hadn’t returned.

Panic time! As I said, Man People wasn’t fully trained. But after I meowed and meowed and hung around the refrigerator for a while, he did give me my can of cat food. What a relief!

However, later that evening my foolish mistake happened.

I pawed on the slats of a window blind—which makes a loud noise—to be let outside. That sound always brings my people running. Sure enough, Man People came and practically threw me out the door.

Oh, what fun I had that night. For a long time I chased mice and anything else that moved. But all good things must come to an end and eventually I wanted back inside. I trotted onto the porch. The house looked dark inside.

I pawed on the window and meowed loudly. But Man People never came to let me in, not exactly unexpected. Right then I missed Lady People something awful. Having no other choice, I curled up on a soft porch chair and slept off and on through the night.

The next morning Man People let me back into the house. He gave me a whole can of cat food and even played mouse-on-a-string with me. Maybe Man People is better trained than I thought, but he still has a long way to go to be as good as Lady People.

On the following day Lady People came back home. I followed her around the house and climbed onto her lap every time she sat on a chair. She played with me longer than usual, carried me around over her shoulder (I really like that), and gave me kitty treats with my can of cat food.

Finally the good life had returned.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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2 Responses to Cuddlebug’s Disappearing Lady People

  1. What a beautiful cat. Great story!

    • He has a great personality as well as being a beautiful cat with unusual markings for a tabby. His underbelly is spotted brown and black like a leopard and the ‘stripes’ on his sides are actually swirls. He’s a true people cat and gets out of sorts if he doesn’t get enough people time. While still a kitten he showed up on our porch one morning, scared and hungry — another one of the cats dumped off around here. It was obvious that Cuddlebug had been an indoor cat until abandoned.

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