A Picnic in the Park


Think back to your younger days…remember the fun and excitement of going to an amusement park and enjoying all the rides?

Every year Hubby’s place of employment holds their company picnic at Knoebles Grove Amusement Park on Labor Day.

Children and even grandchildren are invited to enjoy the lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, baked beans, potato and macaroni salads, and ice cream.

Once lunch is over, the real fun starts, at least for the younger set – the park’s rides.

Hubby and I have enjoyed Knoebles Grove since we were toddlers. It’s a local tradition. But as we’ve grown older, the rides don’t hold the appeal they once did. Some of the long-ago favorites now make us dizzy, or worse.

Fortunately for us older folks, Knoebles Grove also has great food stands. Hubby and I now look forward to hand cut french fries smothered in ketchup (Hubby) or vinegar (me)…and a blue raspberry snow cone or apple cider slushy.

During this year’s Labor Day picnic, we noticed one eatery advertising alligator bites, yes, actual chunks of the reptile breaded and deep fried. We passed on that one.

And at the day’s end, Hubby and I treated ourselves to our current favorite ride, the Scenic Skyride, a slow moving ski lift that glides up and down the hillside — as wild a ride as this grandmother can handle.

But no matter, Knoebles Grove is always a fun and relaxing day with family…looking forward to our next visit.


About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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