Where’s the Beef?

Remember Wendy’s ‘Where’s the beef?’ hamburger commercial?  The tiny, round patties of their competitors simply couldn’t compare with Wendy’s larger, square burgers.

But at times commercials can be wrong…

Last week, as he often does, Hubby stopped at our local Wendy’s for a quick lunch.  After receiving his #1Cheeseburger Combo, he picked up extra ketchup – Hubby always puts extra ketchup on a fast-food hamburger – and proceeded to a table.

Stomach growling and hungry, Hubby took the rounded bun-top off his cheeseburger to add more ketchup, but stopped and stared. His sandwich had lettuce and tomato, but no cheese, and even worse, no hamburger patty – square or round.

Hubby trotted back up to the counter, sandwich in hand. “Where’s the beef?”

The beef arrived in his second sandwich amid apologies from the friendly Wendy’s crew.


About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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