Camping with Hubby

I sat down on the couch next to Hubby and patted his leg. “Can’t wait to go camping next week, how about you?”

His less-than-enthusiastic reply made roadkill look lively. “I’ll let you know when we get back home.”

“You don’t want to go?”

“Didn’t say that. I’m happy to spend a few days away with you.”

His answer totally lacked the excitement I felt. Oh well, maybe he’d change his mind once we arrived at the campground and settled in.

The following week we packed our pickup truck with the kayaks, sleeping bags, clothes, food, and other necessities. Everything fit in quite nicely. Unfortunately, the truck had no room left for Cuddlebug and all his cat necessities.

Unbelievable, but we’d have to take our truck and car.

No, Cuddlebug did not have his heart set on going camping for a few days. But he and his cat necessities needed to be dropped off at Mom and Dad’s house on our way to the campground.

Our car is a little compact which gets great mileage. However, it’s not designed for hauling. The cat litter, litter box, cat food, food/water bowls, scratching post, cat bed, and bed pillow took up most of the trunk and back seat of the car.

That left enough room for Cuddlebug to ride on the front seat…unhappy and howling inside his travel cage.

Eventually, both Hubby and I arrived at the campground, minus Cuddlebug.

We had rented one of the Johns Cottages at the Little Pine State Park Campground. The cottages are actually tiny log cabins divided into two rooms and sleep five or six. Equipped with lights, heat, and electrical outlets, the cabins provide a comfortable camping experience.

Tucked between Little Pine Creek and the mountain, the campground abounds with wildlife. We saw two bald eagles gliding high above the mountain, a 20” snapping turtle crossing the park road, white- tail deer in the woods, several Baltimore Orioles on tree branches, and a number of fish swimming in the creek.

Besides watching the wildlife, Hubby enjoyed relaxing on our front porch during the day and sitting around our campfire in the evening.

Does he want to go back?

“Won’t say yes, won’t say no.”

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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One Response to Camping with Hubby

  1. suemidd48 says:

    Your blog writing is very true to how you actually speak – I can HEAR you in these words! Always a good story. Our friends camp at Little Pine in the yurt – try that some time! 🙂

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