Cuddlebug and His People

Family and friends believe we have a cat, Cuddlebug.

Yes, there’s a litter box along with bowls of cat food and water sitting by the back door. Old blankets and sheets cover the furniture where Cuddlebug likes to sleep or groom himself. At night it’s not unusual to find him curled up at the foot of our bed.

But Cuddlebug is not our cat – Hubby and I are his people. He chose us.

Cuddlebug appeared on our front porch last summer as a scared and hungry cat not quite out of the kitten stage. Hubby discovered him huddled on one of our porch chairs.

Like too many other felines, he had been driven to the countryside and abandoned. How long this little guy was on his own, we don’t know.

Right from the start Cuddlebug enjoyed his people time and desperately wanted to be held and cuddled. He hated being alone and probably came from a home where he was given lots people time, or more likely, kid time.

Cuddlebug needed a forever home that would give him lots of love and attention, but Hubby and I really didn’t want a cat.

We called the animal shelters in our area, but every one had all the cats and kittens they could handle. We checked with family, friends, neighbors, even friendly strangers, but nobody wanted to adopt a sweet cat.

In the meantime we fed, snuggled, and played with Cuddlebug. He began to wiggle his way into our affections.

After three weeks, we gave up trying to find him a home and took him to the vet for his first round of shots and vaccinations. Once the vet declared him healthy, we moved him from the front porch into our house. A happier cat could not be found anywhere.

Although Cuddlebug’s been with us for several months, he still wants his people time. He loves to be carried over our shoulder or held in our arms – feet up.

And during these past few months, Cuddlebug has done a good job of training his people.

When wanting outside during the day, he goes to a window and paws the mini blinds. Afraid he’ll ruin them, Hubby or I hurry to let him outside. At night, he meows until we wake, then keeps fussing until I stumble out of bed and let him out the front door.

Although we keep dry cat food in his bowl all the time, Cuddlebug likes his daily serving of canned food. If it doesn’t come when he wants it, he jumps onto the kitchen counter, knowing he’s not supposed to be there. If we don’t notice him, he meows loudly to get our attention. At that point, Hubby or I rush to get him off the counter and serve him his canned food.

Cuddlebug seems content with his choice of people, and very pleased with how well his training has worked.

About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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