Some Things Change While Others…

Last Thursday we attended Grandparents Day at Grandson’s elementary school. The entire “day” for us grandparents lasted only one hour, the sixty minutes before dismissal.

Decades ago, when Hubby and I attended elementary school, anyone could walk into our building at any time with no cause for concern. Not so these days.

After driving 2 ¾ hours, we pulled into the school’s parking lot and headed for the office. A student sentry stood by the door and handed out Visitor for Grandparent’s Day stickers for us to wear while at the school. Once inside the door, we headed for the sign-in table manned by adult staff. Not allowed beyond the foyer, we joined the crowd of grandparents milling around the entranceway.

Once all grandparents had arrived and signed in, a staff member called out the teachers’ names one at a time. Grandson’s teacher was finally called and a group of us seniors followed a student guide to the classroom where the children awaited our arrival.

Grandson’s teacher wore nice-looking slacks and top with comfortable shoes – a far cry from the dress with dress shoes for women and suit with tie for men required of teachers in our day.

Teacher explained that the students recently completed their science reports on the biome.

Reports on the what?

Teacher went on to say that students with a visiting grandparent would present their report in front of the class.

Good news, not only would we hear Grandson’s report, we’d also learn something about this new subject, the biome.

Grandson went first. He grabbed a laptop from the back of the room before making his way to the front and plugging it into something. His report appeared on the movie screen hanging at the front of the room. These students did their reports as a Power Point presentation, complete with pictures, moving graphics and text.

Definitely a step up from science reports in our day – written with pencil or ink in our best handwriting on lined notebook paper with a picture or two cut from an unwanted magazine and pasted somewhere in the report.

I focused on Grandson’s report, wanted to find out about this biome. The title of his report appeared in big, bold letters on the screen, the tundra.

Tundra? Hubby and I studied about that in school. Other reports talked about rain forests, deserts, and oceans.

Oh… same subjects as we had but with a new heading – biomes.

Next, Teacher read a story about dreams, not day or night dreams, but goals and aspirations. Teacher’s story began with the dreams of a toddler child and the changing dreams as the child grew older, entered adulthood, and eventually become a senior adult.

Teacher then handed a paper star to everyone, students and grandparents alike. One star point had printed on it “DREAM”, another “ACHIEVE”. We were all to write down a dream and how we planned to accomplish it.

Students wanted to become great sport players, doctors, and such. Grandparents desired to travel during retirement, be loving caregivers to family, while others had already completed their dreams.

I realized that methods of learning and teaching changed over the years, but the yearning to complete personal dreams and aspirations stretched across generations.

Given only one hour to accomplish something seemly impossible, Teacher found a common thread that tied all of us together and earned an A+, or maybe it’s now called EE — Exceeds Expectations.


About Kathie Mitchell

Kathie enjoys country living, time with family, playing cornet in community bands, crafts, gardening, and writing.
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  1. From an ink smeared page says:

    Some things stay the same 🙂

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